The Project


A device that takes the experience of discovering remote places and ages in education and exhibition spaces.

Panolight in a device that lets you explore immersive panoramic scenes, dynamically projected on the surrounding spherical space. Users can access multimedia contents through physical interaction with the flashlight-inspired moving projector that you can point anywhere to see a portion of the scene as if you were discovering a dark room with a flashlight.

Nonetheless the exponential growth of panoramic contents available on the web, supported by the diffusion of production tools, we still don’t have adequate devices for the complete fruition of such contents: these are the considerations underpinning our project.

The discovery with PanoLight enables the immediate and active fruition of the presented contents, offering a ludical and thus effective interaction particularly adequate to the educational context of different kinds: schools, museums, exhibitions and, considering the technological development, also at home in the future.

Project Details

  • TASK: User Experience Design, Interface design
  • DATE: 2012
  • PROGRAM: Processing, Illustrator
  • MADE WITH: LUA - La Sapienza, Viktor Malakuczi,
    Arianna Salvetti