POLY.CLOTH is a project for an App for tablet made to design clothing based on polygonal geometry.

3D modeling

The App allow to model in 3D the clothing using a digital mannequin adaptable to the user measurements.


A tool intergrated in Poly.Cloth aloow to manage the fabrics and the materials supply, keeping in memory scraps material obtained from other cloth and projects, so whit complex shapes.


Poly.Cloth in the end uses a cloud system to share models and patterns between users.

The APP project

Discover all the funcionality of POLY.CLOTH trought this amazing mockup


A brief explanation of what Poly.Cloth is all about

Browsing the app

How to navigate and use the App

Fabric management

Poly.Cloth help you with the management of your personal materials and fabrics

Clothing and Mannequins managements

Discover how poly.Cloth let you create a custom virtual mannequin and how it lets you share you creations

3D modeling

Discover the 3D modeling method used by Poly.Cloth based on 2D sections and 3D lofts

POLY.CLOTH's complete flowchart

Here it's possible to discover alla the different section and all the different path trought the app
  • Clothing

    Clothing is the section where it’s possible manage both, mannequins, in standard measurement and personalized one.

  • New

    Start the process for the creation of a new cloth.

  • Explore

    The database of all the patterns, our one plus the public one, where it’s possible to search for ready patterns to adapt to our mannequin.

  • My Gallery

    In this section we find our patterns, and we can choose wich one make public for other user.

  • Discover

    Search between public patters by different tags.

  • Favorites

    Keep in memory your favorite patterns.

  • Mannequins

    The database of all our mannequins.

  • New Mannequin

    In this section it’s possible to create a mannequin with our measurements.

  • Size

    In size we can easily find mannequin whit standard measurements based on US and EU size charts.

  • Saved

    The collection of our personal mannequins.

  • Fabrics

    Is the section dedicated to the material supply management, where it’s possible to add and update the materials in our database.

  • Gallery

    The gallery of all our fabrics, with search field for a best management.

  • Size

    Just add the measurement of the new material.

  • From Pic

    Allow to insert in the database fabrics and material with complex shapes by a photorecognition tool.

    • Section

      Is the modeling tool that create 3D lofts between 2D sketch created by the user.

    • Erase Polygons

      Allow to erase specific polygons.

    • Cuts

      Allow to make cuts trought the model.

    • Pattern

      Pattern elaborate the 3D model into a 2D pattern, taking in consideration both the fabric we choose for the realization of the model and the printing method for the exportation of the pattern.

About the Designer

Born in Velletri (RM) in 1987, lives in Aprilia and work in Rome.

Graduated at the Art Institute of Pomezia, she continued her studies ai the I.S.I.A. of Rome (Istituto superiore per le industrie artistiche) where she first got bachelor degree with honor in Industrial Design and, later, in 2013 she got Master Degree in Design of the Systems.

During her studies she collaborated with Lua, laboratory for usability and accessibility of La sapienza, University of Rome. At the moment she collaborate whit UXI where she is in charge of designing interactive products taking care of all the aspect related to visual design and user interface, with particular attention to the wireframe and mockup phases.

In october 2014 she'll display her senior thesis, Poly.Cloth, at the European Maker Faire in Rome.

She is a very efficient person and collaborator, her motto: “Do or do not, there is no try."


Send me a message for any question about Poly.Cloth