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UserPie is the analytics platform for user experience that integrates six different tools through which you can evaluate the effectiveness of your site by collecting information from online users.
UserPie is an analytics platform and offers a free account and tools to collect feedback from your site users. Through your account, you can then choose whether to submit an online survey to your users, request a specific feedback or conduct a usability test to evaluate users experience and hence, your site effectiveness. Each tool implements a validated methodology and some easy customization useful options.
To get the most out of UserPie and perform your survey online, you do not have to be an expert in user research or marketing as its tools include ready to use questionnaires, tests, feedback requests and reports of results show clear infographics.
The methodologies used in UserPie tools have been tested and validated through researches carried out at Sapienza University of Rome.
The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF 2007-13 Filas Spa) and by the Ericsson Ego Programme.

Project Details

  • TASK: Graphic Design, Web Design
  • DATE: 2014
  • PROGRAM: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Illustrator